Apple Watch Nightstand Mode

Before your alarm begins in Nightstand mode, the display gets brighter, and the text turns yellow...

htapplewatchnightstandmodeThe Apple Watch is an amazing device that keeps you on track with your daily events, excise goals, and easy communication with emails, texts and phone calls. With the watchOS 2.0 update the Apple Watch gained a new feature that works while charging — Nightstand Mode. We keep our Apple Watch next to the bed while charging overnight.  With a simple orientation switch the Apple Watch becomes an alarm clock!

To use Nightstand mode first place your Apple Watch on its side, with the Digital Crown and Side Button up. Then connect your Apple Watch to its charger and fter it begins charging, your Apple Watch will automatically go into Nightstand mode. When you use Nightstand mode, your Apple Watch displays the date and time, along with the remaining charge. If you set an alarm, it also appears on the watch face. You must set the alarm on the Apple Watch not your iPhone.  Remember you can also ask Siri to set an alarm for you … by saying “Set an alarm for 7 a.m.” or “Wake me up at 19:00.”

“Before your alarm begins in Nightstand mode, the display gets brighter, and the text turns yellow. When your alarm begins, your Apple Watch makes a sound. To turn off your alarm, press the side button. To snooze the alarm for 9 minutes, press the Digital Crown.”

Forte_LSnightstand_galleryDuring Nightstand mode the Apple Watch’s display turns off when you are not using it after about 10 seconds.  To reactivate the display you can tap the Watch Face, press the Digital Crown or Side Button, and by tapping the table or surrounding area.  We love using the tap on the table to turn the display back on. We would love to see a few more options added for watchOS 3 that is coming Fall of 2106.

When Nightstand first came out we were a little concern that we couldn’t keep the display on permanently  during Nightstand mode but realized that with a small tap on the table the display appears resolve this fear for us but many users would love the option to control how long the display appears. We routinely wake up 10-15 minutes before the alarm goes off and would love to have the option to shut off the alarm before it goes off without going into the alarm setting on the Watch or using Siri, which could wake others in the household. Nightstand mode is a great way to utilize your Apple Watch while its charging and replace another device that is competing for space on your night stand. We are looking forward to the watchOS 3.0 update coming this Fall because Apple has re-envisioned many of the interfaces and features of the watch to be more flexible and agile to the users needs.  Apple is trying really hard to make the Apple Watch the most personal device of all.