Goodbye RSS … Hello Tweetbot

Follow all the same sources on Twitter that we have RSS feeds ...

Being a news junkie from Entertainment News to Local Happenings we have been using RSS feeds to keep on top of all that news and information. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication which is a standard web format to publish frequently updated information from blog entries, news headlines, audio and video websites, basically anything on the internet.

Many users of RSS from around the World, including ourselves, used Google Reader to sync feeds to their mobile devices and web browsers. On July 1 2013 Google shutdown Google Reader sending hundreds of thousands of users in search of a replacement. We bounced around from different companies and services that tried to fill the void after Google but after trying many alternatives we never found an adequate service.

One day while reading a MacWorld article about how their editors used the internet, one of them mentioned switching from Google Reader to Twitter. That simple article opened our eyes to how we could marry our RSS feeds with our Twitter timeline. Twitter is an online social networking/microblogging service, where users send short 140-character text messages, called “tweets”.  After reading many reviews on different third-party Twitter application we decided on the flexible and wonderful— Tweetbot

Tweetbot is available in three versions, one optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch, one for the Mac, and a version iPad. Tweetbot has many great features that made the choice easy:

When that virtual lightbulb went off we realized that we could follow all the same sources on Twitter that we have RSS feeds and we could blend the time we spend on Twitter and reading our RSS feeds into one activity saving us time in the long run! Tweetbot is from the creator — Tapbots that develop utility robots designed and engineered for your iPhone and iPod touch and Mac. These amazing little robots apps are dreamed up and brought to life by Paul Haddad and Mark Jardine.